Google is celebrating the 37th anniversary of the release of Breakout, the legendary arcade game released by Atari in 1976. In typical Google fashion, the celebration is integrated right into the search engine's services, and should excite you if retro video games are your interest.

When you Google Image search "Atari Breakout" you'll be able to play just that. Image results turn into the blocks for the game, and you'll be able to use your mouse to control the paddle at the bottom to keep the ball going.

If you want to quit the game before all your lives are gone, just hit Escape and you'll be faced with a screen of images of the original arcade machine.

Interestingly, should you complete one screen of blocks, the next is made up of a random image search. We've had the stone heads of Easter Island.

According to StrategyWiki, the maximum score one player can achieve in Atari Breakout is 896, "by eliminating two screens of bricks of 448 points each."

Good luck!