We had heard rumblings before about Google's intentions to take on Apple and Microsoft on the mobile gaming front, and now, just days before Google I/O kicks off, more details have leaked suggesting that Google is about to reveal Google Play, a Game Center and Windows Phone Games Hub-style offering for Android.

Discovered by Android news website Android Police, the new offering, called Google Play Games, is buried within the latest version of Google Play Services, part of the Android OS that deals with apps.   

"Fresh out of Google HQ, we've managed to score a copy of the new Google Play Services v3.1.36, which is very slowly rolling out to devices right now," the site reports. "For comparison, the current Play Services that most people have is v3.0.27. 3.1 is a massive update - the strings file, for instance, has more than doubled from 300 to 700 entries. This is how Google is pushing out all the shared files for Google Play Games." 

google play games leaks leaderboards achievements matchmaking and more image 2

Although not complete (some of the features don't do anything), the discovered files suggest that everything will be heavily managed socially by Google+ with synced save games also being supported so you can play across multiple devices.

There will also be leaderboards (by day, week, month), matchmaking, the ability to invite others to your games, and achievements as found in Windows Phone games.

Google's developer conference kicks off on Wednesday starting with a three-hour keynote session. Let's hope we get more information then. We're game.