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(Pocket-lint) - Google has released an update for its video Hangouts feature within Google+, improving live broadcasts, also known as "Hangouts On Air."

Specifically, you can now rewind live broadcasts, regardless of when you've begun watching. This feature is especially useful if you've missed the beginning of a live hangout and don't want to wait for the full version to be released to catch the beginning. Google also says those of you who enjoy watching Hangouts On Air on the go, will notice better-looking video thanks to high-quality video streaming. 

Furthermore, Google will now give everyone access to recordings immediately after the live recording is over, doing away with any processing that once was in place. When you visit a page with a Hangout On Air (like Events or YouTube), the video will begin playing as soon as the show starts, without having to refresh the page. This was often frustrating leaving many of us to miss the first few minutes, because Google would display the broadcast as off-air until we had refreshed. Luckily, that's all fixed.


Hangouts On Air has received some pretty big usage since Google+ was released in 2011. Most notably, government officials have held chats with supporters and celebrities have hosted live concerts, pushing live video out to YouTube for all to see. 

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