Google's commitment to its iPhone and iPad apps isn't stopping, as it has released an update for Gmail for iOS, now available on the App Store. Most notably, the update released by Google circumvents Apple's default apps, opting for its own apps already available on iOS. 

Now, the Gmail app has the ability to open YouTube, Google Maps, and Chrome links directly into the respective app if installed, instead of Safari. If you'd rather opt for Safari to see such information, you can, by turning Google's feature off in the in-app settings of Gmail. 

Version 2.2.7182 of Gmail for iOS further adds support for signing out of a single Gmail account instead of having to sign out of all accounts at once. The update isn't as big as version 2.1 in March that added the ability to swipe between conversations, but it is definitely useful. 

Have a thing for Google apps on iOS? You'll want to grab the latest Gmail for iOS update from the App Store.