A Chinese phone manufacturer could be the first to release an Android handset that is just 5.6mm thick. The new phone, called the X5, which would be the slimmest Android handset in the world, is being put together by UMeox, a relatively unknown Chinese manufacturer.

Press pictures show the handset with the words "Brand", in big letters across the back. This leads us to believe the phone will be used as a handset for manufacturers to re-sell as their own. Think of it a bit like the Orange SanFrancisco.

To give you an idea of how slight the Umeox-made phone is, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is 7.4mm thick and that's a phone that already feels extremely thin to the touch.

Huawei's P6-U06 is currently touted as being the thinnest device at 6.18mm, but X5 seems likely to steal that crown. Screen size looks to be around 4-inches but as for internal hardware, no details have been released.

The same applies to a launch date, which is still unannounced. If the X5 does materialise in Western markets, expect it to be re-branded by phone networks.