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(Pocket-lint) - Since the launch of Google's note taking service "Keep" in March , the Mountain View-based company has been keeping relatively mum about it. Google broke its silence on Thursday by announcing a new Google Keep Chrome App, offering offline access.

As with the web app already available, you'll quickly be able to save, access and organise notes and tasks and sync them with the iOS and Android apps.

Available on the Chrome Web Store, the most enticing feature of the Google Keep app is its ability to access notes while you're offline. Any notes you create while you're offline are synced to your devices once your internet connection is restored. "The Chrome app works offline because we all know that ideas (big and small) can be sparked at any time," Google said.


Google offering web apps for its services is nothing new. Google already has Gmail, Calendar and Drive apps, all of which offer offline access to their respective services.

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Additionally, the Google Keep Chrome app gives full-screen access, which is useful if you find yourself keeping the app on your screen on a daily basis to track your day. With Keep, you can create a note or list with ease, requiring just a title and a body of text. The only type of categorising in Keep is through a colour-coding system. Photos can also be embedded to add a little more to your Notes.

Writing by Jake Smith.