If you're a Gmail.com frequenter who often has to go in and out of Google Calendar, a new feature from the creative team at Mountain View will save you time. On Thursday, Google announced that it will begin lightly underlining dates and times within email and allow you to click them to schedule in your calendar without having to leave Gmail. 

Specifically, when you click the underlined dates, a small Google Calendar window will appear. You can change the day, time, and title of the event, though Google will try to guess the name for you by scanning your email. Clicking the oh-so-handy “Add to Calendar” button will add the event to your calendar, which it will link back to the original email for cross-referencing later. 

If you're not seeing the new feature yet don't worry, as Google says it's rolling out to English (US) users over the next week. More languages are in the pipeline.