New statistics revealed by Google show that Jelly Bean has finally overtaken Ice Cream Sandwich in the Android popularity stakes. Both 4.1 and 4.2 versions of Android account for 28.4 per cent of global devices, while Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3 and 4.0.4) is installed on 27.5 per cent.

The outstanding leader, however, is still Gingerbread, with variants of Android 2.3 installed on 38.5 per cent of devices worldwide, proving that budget and older smartphones are still very popular, particularly in emerging markets.

android jelly bean overtakes ice cream sandwich in adoption gingerbread still king image 2

Remarkably, 0.1 per cent of Android users are still running Donut, Android 1.6. The same amount are sticking with the tablet-centric Honeycomb for now, too.

The results were taken over a 14-day period, ending on 1 May.

android jelly bean overtakes ice cream sandwich in adoption gingerbread still king image 3

Also released are details on screen sizes, but they don't go into specifics. The majority, 79.7 per cent, of screen sizes of the Android phones currently in use are "normal", while "small" comes second, at 9.8 per cent. Extra large displays are becoming more popular, with 4.9 per cent of all Android phones having a substantial screen size. However, as Google points out, the vast majority of those have a medium dpi (dots per inch), suggesting that they are not Full HD. Possibly even less than 720p.

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