Google may be working on a better gaming experience for its Android platform, similar to Apple's Game Center on iOS. First spotted by Android Police, there are several references to a gaming network within the Google Play Services of the Google Glass companion app.  

As the publication notes, it doesn’t appear Google is bringing gaming to Google Glass like one may instantly conclude. Someone just accidentally included the “games” folder of the Google Play Services into the Google Glass Companion -- essentially a wrong box was checked that included everything. But hey, we don’t mind the sneak peak. 

While none of these features are actually accessible to users right now, the games folder gave a great hint of what’s to come. Real-time multiplayer, turn-based multiplayer (think board games), in-game chat, achievements, leaderboards, invitations, and lobbies were all found within the code. These features definitely make sense for a “Google Games” network. 

Presumably, Google would take the same route as Apple’s Game Center, allowing developers to include the code and their apps while it does all the heavy lifting server side. Game Center gives iOS users a unified multiplayer and social system on the platform, allowing users to connect with friends, send friend requests, start playing games, and more -- features users are used to on the console. 

There’s no indication of an official name for the gaming network. Perhaps we’ll hear more about it at Google I/O in May -- fingers crossed.