Go-to Android browser Google Chrome for Android has been updated to version 26, bringing two much-loved features over from the the desktop version.

As we first saw in the beta version of Chrome in early March, the Android app now includes the ability to autofill forms and save passwords, potentially saving a lot of time when using a small mobile screen to complete tasks thanks to the update.

Like the desktop version of Chrome, once you begin typing in a web form on an Android phone or tablet, it will try to autofill the information for you, including name, city, state, street address and more.

The same goes for passwords: if you're continuously signing in and out of a website, it will ask if you want to save the password for later use.

google chrome for android now features autofill text and saved passwords image 2

Google Chrome 26 desktop users will find that the Android version will keep forms and passwords synced as long as it is turned on in the browser settings.

Lastly, the update brings a bug fix where a blank page would be displayed instead of the requested URL.

The update can be found on Google Play.