Mozilla has released a new version of its Firefox browser, Firefox 20, which incorporates new privacy  features as well as a redesigned download manager.

Along with the browser update, Firefox has also launched a new version of its Android app. The update allows Firefox to run on ARMv6 powered devices and gives a boost to browsing privacy so you can swap tabs between private and non-private use in one browser.

You can also customise Firefox shortcuts to the Android home screen, so the browser will instantly pop up relevant web pages when you tap them.

Firefox 20 also has a new-look download manager in the desktop app's toolbar. It allows you to monitor current downloads and view files, all within the same window. 

You can download Firefox 20 now from the Mozilla website. If you fancy updating it on your Android phone, simply open up Google Play and visit the my apps section, or alternatively, your handset should issue you a prompt to update.