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(Pocket-lint) - Google has begun shipping the Nexus 4 with slight alterations to the model that first began shipping in te autumn. The design changes aren't huge by any means, but are definitely welcomed for new customers looking to get a bit of the pure-Android experience.

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The first is the addition of nubs on the four corners of the back of the device, mobiFlip first noted. The nubs not only elevate the handset to help audio escape for better speaker quality, but should prevent scratches on the back of the handset, given that it's all glass. A few customers noted their pone backs cracking within two weeks of receiving them a few months ago.


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Furthermore, Google has made ever-so-slight changes to the camera, making it smaller than the previous version. You probably won't notice any changes to photo quality, though. 

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Google hasn't released official word on the matter, but it appears to be shipping to all customers who are now ordering the handset. At any rate, it's nice to see Google still focusing on the Nexus 4 hardware so long after launch. Though we wouldn't get upset if the Nexus 5 moved even further into their sights. 

Writing by Jake Smith.
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