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(Pocket-lint) - Google has updated its Google+ for iPhone and Android apps with improvements for photos, posts, profiles and communities.

Now on the iPhone app, Snapseed photo enhancement features can be found. You can do basic editing such as rotate and crop, while there are more advance edits like adjusting the saturation, contrast, brightness, and more. With the influx in photo filters in apps over the last year, Google+ is now in the mix with the update.

On the Android app, Google+ Posts have been polished. They now contain more text than before, providing more of the original message. Images are now rarely cropped and should be displayed in full glory, according to Google.


Furthermore, tapping videos, photos or links takes you directly to a watch page, lightbox or website. You can also swipe through photo albums inline. Updates to profiles on Android are minor, adding only display to your current location on your Google+ profile.

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Lastly, both apps will be able to adjust the volume of community posts in your Home stream and invite people to a community, or reshare items with a community. There is also member search, content moderation, and report-remove-ban support for community managers.

Both updates are available now on the App Store and Google Play.

Writing by Jake Smith.
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