A purported look at a new version of Google Play out of Mountain View, version 4.0, has leaked thanks to Droid Life. It's not clear where the publication was able to pick up the files for an early look, but the update seems to be a good one nonetheless - sporting several changes. 

The first update to Google Play since 2011, version 4.0 brings a cleaner look to the online music/apps/movies/magazing marketplace. It is more on-tap with the design of Android 4.2, bringing much-needed UI changes thanks to a Holo-like theme boasting a new font and more lively color. For the new folks in the crowd, Holo is a set of UI design elements that were first introduced in Android 4.0.

Version 4.0 will bring larger images to the home page and specific app pages of Google Play, as well. The layout of most pages, search results included, will remain the same except for colour and font changes. 

There's no word on when the Google Play update will be pushed to our Android handsets and tablets. We've reached out to Google in hope of learning more.