Google's reading app for mobile devices "Currents" has been updated on Android, featuring a slew of new features.

If you're running Google Currents on several devices, you can now sync the read state of articles between them. For example, if reading an article on your tablet, and you want to switch to your phone, Currents will pick up where you left off. This feature is much needed.
The update is also bringing audio to the magazine-style application, which will work well for podcasts. An audio playlist is now present with publications which have audio in their feed, and an audio media bar has also been added to the bottom of the app to stop, start, skip, and go back on audio. Typical bug fixes can also be found. 
It's interesting that Google continues with updates for Currents, even after Reader is destined to be killed off. While separate services, Reader had a much greater following than Currents, making for an odd situation.
The Google Currents update is now available on Google Play. No word on when the new features will make their way over to iOS.