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(Pocket-lint) - Google is working to combine its existing communication platforms into one unified service, according to Geek.com. Google has had a problem in this department, but that looks to soon be changing.

The unified chat client is reportedly dubbed "Babble" and will merge Google Talk, Google+ Messenger, Voice and any other chat service used by Google. Babble will be threaded across existing Google services, pulling messages into one place. 

From the sound of it, Babble won't launch with any crazy messaging feature that will revolutionise the space. Instead, typical features such as the ability to share photos in chat windows, start a Hangout with anyone in your contact list, group chatting, and simple person-to-person chats will be what's featured. 


The first whiff of a unified messaging platform came from developer Francois Beaufort in February. Beaufort posted a screenshot to his Google+ showing off an icon with four messaging bubbles piled on to one, which many users in the Google Plus comments believed was a unified, all-in-one messaging application. 

Geek.com didn't provide any indication of a release date. Such a service out of Google makes sense, as it has worked in the last year to unify existing platforms and remove clutter from its list of services (think Google Reader). Many competitors have unified messaging services, including Apple iMessage and BlackBerry Messaging, that might push Google to such a feature. 

Google hasn't provided official word on the matter. Let's hypothesise: what if Babble saw its way over to Android in the form of a pre-loaded application? Perhaps we'll hear more at this year's Google I/O. 

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