The end of Google Reader meant a lot of tech fans lost a great way of getting our news quickly and easily. It caused so much upset, that we put together this handy feature so you can get to grips with some top-of-the-line Google Reader substitutes.

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Zite was so upset, that it put together its own version of the reader in just six hours. Zite is heavily dependant on Google's infrastructure so it needed an alternative, and fast.

It is fairly easy to set up, requiring you to download Zite, pair it with a Google Reader account and then head over to the quick feeds section of the app. From there, you have Google Reader resurrected.

For those who are yet to use it, Zite is a sort of personalisation tool which can bring you targeted reads from all corners of the internet. You do need to restart the app in order to get the Google Reader function running, but after that, all should be good.