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(Pocket-lint) - Social news website Digg has announced plans to build an RSS reader, following yesterday's news that Google will kill off Google Reader on 1 July. Digg says its RSS product will be available in the near future, taking Google Reader's best features and API. 

"We’ve been planning to build a reader in the second half of 2013, one that, like Digg, makes the Internet a more approachable and digestible place," the company said in a blog post. "After Google’s announcement, we’re moving the project to the top of our priority list. We’re going to build a reader, starting today." 

The Digg staff, made up of Betawork staff who acquired Digg, already has a lot of experience in the web aggregation sector. In 2010, Betaworks launched a product called News.me, which aimed to deliver news in a digestible format. When Betaworks purchased Digg, it took features from News.me and packaged together what Digg is today.


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Digg plans to take its rebuilding experience to the new Reader. Along with the usual RSS we've come to know, the company says it also wants to look at content on Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, and Hacker News to show what's interesting. "Don’t get us wrong: we don’t expect this to be a trivial undertaking. But we’re confident we can cook up a worthy successor," it says.

The project is in its early stages. The company has yet to share any specifics on what will be featured or how it will tie in to the current version of Digg. It was quick to say, however: "The Digg you know and love isn’t going away." 

Unlike Google, Digg is asking the community for input on features. It has launched a web page for users to submit their thoughts. No word if the new service will be available by 1 July.

Writing by Jake Smith.
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