Jelly Bean's inaugural Google Now virtual assistant feature may be coming to iOS on a mission to take on Siri. A promotional video, from what looks to be officially Google, advertising the unheard of iOS feature was posted to YouTube and then quickly pulled.

Luckily Engadget quickly grabbed the video for our viewing pleasure. It doesn't show a specific iPhone UI per se, but does mention "Google Now for iOS" by name, in the same voice as the original Google Now Android promo Google played in summer 2012.

Could a Google Now app be on its way to iOS in the near future? The reason for pulling the video could have very well been because of the wait for it to approved by the App Store review team - or just a complete mistake by the marketing team.

In the past, Google has shown its willingness to embed voice-recognition features into iOS. In October 2012, an update to the Google Search app brought Google Now-like functionality, minus a few things. Google has also shown its willingness to develop for iOS in recent months.

We've reached out to Google for more information. In the meantime, we'll keep our eyes peeled.