While Google has shown off plenty about the hardware for its Google Glass initiative, the company has been pretty quiet about potential third-party applications - until now. At a developer panel at South By Southwest, the Mountain View-based company teased a few applications that might make their way to the platform.

Path, Skitch, and The New York Times were highlighted, reports The Verge. To show off Path, Google went as far as uploading a picture of the crowd at the event to the social network using the Glass's camera.

As for The New York Times, in perhaps the coolest feature displayed, Google showed that Glass will be able to show notifications for breaking news stories, along with full article text and photography right in a user's eye. Glass will also read full-text articles via its in-ear headphone.

google shows skitch path and new york times apps on google glass image 2

Google has made available a Glass API that will allow developers to build applications, much like an Android app, for the platform. In January, the company held an event where prospective developers could get a close-look at Glass.

Google is expected to make Glass available to the public later in the year.

Top image via The Verge

Bottom image via Engadget