Google has rolled out a redesign to its mobile Gmail interface that resembles the user-interface on the Gmail application available on the iOS App Store. 

"Since launching the rebooted Gmail app for iPhone and iPad in December, we’ve heard from many of you that you like the redesigned UI, along with new features such as improved search and integration with Google Calendar," Google said in a post. 

The new refreshed look will begin rolling out to mobile users on any device, including Android, iOS Blackberry, or Kindle Fire - simply by accessing 

There's nothing huge in the way of new features, but the new user interface is definitely more aesthetically pleasing, using the same colours as the default theme on the desktop web interface. Additionally, there is improved search and integration with Google calendar that hardcore emailers will definitely appreciate. 

It's interesting that Google is adopting UI features so heavily from its iOS app and showcasing it. Earlier this year, the company launched a web ad promoting its iOS developer team doing "“cool things that matter”.

Cool things indeed.