Vuzix has started to deliver its M100 Smart Glasses into the hands of its Gold developer partners. Over the next 30 days, all developers on the programme will have received a pair, so can work on applications for the wearable display device.

Like Google Glass, the Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses are designed to be worn as you go about your daily business. They provide information, content viewing, video recording and other augmented reality-based functionality using in-built computing running Android. However, they are also designed to work with a smartphone, providing a second display for the device.

There's also a head tracker and GPS on board, and the camera can take stills as well as record video or provide live feeds for AR purposes.

Shown at CES 2013, the M100 specs can run their own applications, as well as display the information from apps on a connected phone. That's why units are being sent to interested developers, so that dedicated software can be made available from launch.

Consumer release details are still unknown at present, but Pocket-lint will keep you informed when we find out more.