Google has announced new profile and page improvements for its Google+ social network which, according to the company, users have been requesting. 

To the left of the page, there is now a new "Local reviews" tab that allows users to discuss their favorite restaurants and other locations with friends. Given Google's large search presence when looking for information on a new location, we could see this tab somehow tying in throughout Google's other offerings eventually. 

google updated with local reviews tab and larger cover photos image 3

Additionally, Google+ profiles have been slightly revamped with the introduction of bigger cover photos. Users can now upload cover photos of up to a 16x9 aspect ratio when fully expanded. There is also a new About tab that features a much cleaner look than before. Individual sections are now listed in a stylish block format, with colours highlighting each individually. 

Furthermore, Google also announced a new feature for Google+ Hangouts that allows for a better experience when calling another user's phone number. There is now a proper keypad for dialling on the "+telephone" tab on the invite screen. The calling feature is available only for users in the US and Canada.

google updated with local reviews tab and larger cover photos image 5

The new features will be rolled out to Google+ users in stages, as Google continues to improve its social network to take on Facebook. No word on when they'll hit the mobile apps.

For what it's worth, Facebook is holding an event on 7 March to show off its new News Feed. This is said to include new filters, much like those on Google+. 

Which social network do you prefer?