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(Pocket-lint) - As the launch of Google Glass ramps up for later this year, many have wondered what the practical, real-life uses of the augmented reality glasses will be besides maps and taking pictures of people as you stroll down the street.

Airline JetBlue seems to make the perfect case for where Google Glass may be best implemented in a series of mock-ups posted on Google+. 

Going to the airport is one of the classic examples of information overload. JetBlue depicts a world where someone wearing Glass will be able to see important information pertaining to their flight and general travel displayed right in front of their eye, without the need to pull out a handset. 

jetblue imagines a life with google glass image 2

The first depiction is when pulling into the airport. When looking at a sign about a parking garage, a user could potentially be presented with information about garage capacity and where the best place to park might be. Another would be the available charging outlets in the concourse as a passenger waits for a flight.

JetBlue didn't provide any information of whether this type of functionality was being worked on. In the post on Google+, JetBlue did drop word that an update to its Android app was coming with boarding pass functionality.

Google will be making available Google Glass Mirror API that will allow developers to connect and develop apps. The glasses will be available later this year. Developers are expected to get them sooner for testing, after paying $1,500 at Google I/O last summer. 

JetBlue also suggested a situation where Glass could provide information on travelling through a new city, like an amount and time for a taxi. 

What do you think about Google Glass?

Writing by Jake Smith.