When the Chromebook Pixel was announced last week, Sundar Pichai, VP of Chrome at Google, also quickly mentioned that a new Google+ Photos app was in the works.

At the time it was very briefly covered, overshadowed but the announcement of the premium Chromebook Pixel.

However, some screenshots from the app have now been shared via Google+ (where else?) revealing some of what to expect when the app lands.

It's a Native Client app, designed to be run in Chrome OS and in the demo that Pichai gave us, it showed photos imported directly from an SD card inserted into the Chromebook Pixel, and uploaded straight to Google+ - rather like the Android app will offer to do when you take photos on your smartphone.

The screens show some of the settings to govern this process, as well as the one for the selection of best shots. Again, this is designed to help you identify when photos are worth sharing to Google+ and which you should just keep to yourself.

In other Chrome OS news, at the launch of the Chromebook Pixel, Pichai also talked about the integration of QuickOffice. Acquired by Google in 2012, QuickOffice was demonstrated as part of Chrome OS, allowing you to open up MS Office files and edit them, rather than just viewing them.

QuickOffice has apps across iOS and Android, and coming to Chrome OS would certainly make it easier to integrate Chromebooks into an existing ecosystem, without having to dance office files through Google Docs to edit them.

There's no word on exactly when the final apps will be available, but QuickOffice is expected on the Chromebook Pixel in the next two or three months.