A new Chrome Experiment will let you control games in the Chrome browser on your PC with Chrome on your smartphone.

The experiment relies on the syncing feature that's built into the Chrome browser and landing on the same pages on both devices will allow you to use the phone as a controller for the games.

The idea is pretty straightforward. After you sync your devices, by adding a special code, you'll then find that your phone's display is that of a controller and whatever you do on your device will be actioned on the big screen.

It's a great idea and the clever thing about it is that you can have multiplayer games – you simply give them the sync code and they'll be able to join in the races. As the games are played in the Chrome browser, we guess it will work anywhere you have Chrome.

You can join in the fun yourself at Chrome.com/supersyncsports and if you're interested in the technologies involved, they're detailed on the site.