The Google Drive team has announced improvements to its web interface, now allowing users to preview more than 30 file types right from the browser. 

Before downloading a large photo, video or PDF, users can now right-click on the file name and select "preview" to be provided with a gallery outlining the files contained within the folder. There are alo arrows on either side for quick scroll-ability, where users can view photos, watch videos and scroll through a text document.

When previewing, users can also search for specific words in a text document by hitting "Cmd +F" and share a file with friends over Google+, download, print or open the file for editing. 

Announced in Spring 2012, Google Drive aims to be the ultimate file storage synchronisation service, combining Google Docs and other cloud services. Besides its web app, Google also offers a Google Drive app on both iOS and Android and offers users 5GB of cloud storage to begin.

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Google says the new preview feature will begin rolling out to users' web view in the coming days. No word on if a similar feature is coming to the iOS or Android app.

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