Google's Chrome team has announced a new app launcher for the Chrome web browser, allowing users to quickly open apps when outside of the browser. 

Available now in a developer preview, the launcher experience is similar to that available on Chrome OS. Users can scroll their mouse over the Chrome icon on the task bar and be provided with a list of Chrome apps to launch them quickly. 

windows chrome developer preview gains web app launcher from the task bar image 2

In the developer preview, Google has included its own Chrome web apps such as Gmail and YouTube, as well as packaged Chrome apps downloaded by users from the Chrome Web Store. Packaged apps deliver an experience as capable as a native app, written in HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS - usually meant to work offline.

As of now the app launcher is available only for Windows, but the Chrome team said the feature would come to Mac OS X and Linux soon. 

There's no word on when the feature will launch in a stable build intended for the masses. Windows users who don't mind a few bugs can grab the developer preview on Google's download page.

Image via OMGChrome