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(Pocket-lint) - Actors Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson have debuted the trailer for their latest film The Internship, a comedy that depicts what life is like for an intern starting out at Google's headquarters. 

The Internship has a lot of support from Google, with director Shawn Levy saying that a good majority of filming took place on Google's campus. He told The Sun that Google bosses didn't interfere with any of the film-making process. And why would they? This is free marketing to the max. 

Vaughn and Wilson were a hilarious duo in The Wedding Crashers, and it looks like the same is taking place in The Internship. You can see some of the funny bits in the trailer below. 


Google has always been an organisation known for its company culture, with its laid-back workplace offering employees free food, any amenities they can dream of, and free time to work on their own projects envisioned for the company. We suspect The Internship will put a spin on this to entertain viewers. 

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The last flick to take a look at an internet company was The Social Network, which tracked the creation of Facebook through its founder Mark Zuckerburg. We suspect The Internship will be a little goofier, with fewer drab shots and more liveliness. 

The Internship airs in cinemas on 7 June.

Writing by Jake Smith.
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