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(Pocket-lint) - Google has updated its Current Distribution page on the Android Developers portal to give us a little indication of where the platform is headed. According to the numbers, Google's latest version of Android, Jelly Bean, has reached 13.6 per cent of all Android devices on the market.

Google publishes the distribution chart every two weeks. The latest set of numbers also show 29 per cent of users are using Android Ice Cream Sandwich, 1.3 per cent on Honeycomb, 45.6 per cent on Gingerbread, and 8.1 per cent on the older Froyo.

Jelly Bean first passed the 10 per cent market share in early January, signalling an up-tick in recent weeks for the platform, maybe helped by Christmas sales. 


What may be the most interesting fact about the numbers is that Ice Cream Sandwich growth has virtually stalled and may be at its peak. The last data set from Google in early January indicated that it may cross the 30 per cent mark, but now dropping .1 per cent to 29 per cent exactly, that may not be the case.

Historically, Google has had a problem with the adoption of the latest version of Android. Gingerbread, released in December 2010, still holds the top-spot in market share. Same put the blame for slow adoption on the carriers and OEMs who try to make  too many customisations. 

At any rate, we'll be watching the growth of Jelly Bean as the rumoured launch of Key Lime Pie comes later this year, perhaps as early as Google I/O in May.

Writing by Jake Smith.
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