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(Pocket-lint) - Google may be working to create a unified messaging client and a brand-spankin'-new notification system within its Chrome OS.

Developer Francois Beaufort posted a screenshot to his Google+ showing off the notification tray. It looks to combine all of Google's service, including Google Voice, Gmail, and Google Plus, into one area for easy browsing.

It's a very interesting concept that we certainly hope makes its way into Chrome OS. Given that Chrome OS users most likely have their lives connected with Google entirely, an easy way to see what's going on across their digital lifestyle may be greatly appreciated. 

Another big flag in the screen shot was a never before seen icon in the application tray. When zoomed in on the icon there are four messaging bubbles piled on to one, which many users in the Google Plus comments believe is a unified, all-in-one messaging application. 

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It may not be worth getting your hopes up, but one app to control Google Talk, Gmail, and Google Voice would be a dream come true. 

Let's hypothezise one step further: what if this saw its way over to Android as well? 

It's worth noting the Google Plus posting is now gone. We'll keep our eyes peeled. 

Writing by Jake Smith.
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