Google has provided new updates for both its Google Plus and Google Play Music apps, adding several new features and bug fixes.

Google Play Music has received the better updates of the two, adding the ability for instant mixes to continue playing past 25 songs. You can now shuffle an album, artist, or playlist, and a previous button has been added to the homescreen widget.

Additionally, new default album art has been added, pinning progress now shown on album and playlist pages, and there's now a fix for the freezing issue Galaxy S III users were experiencing. 

As for the Google Plus Android app, the updates are a little more minor, but may be useful to some users. There is now support for adding a link when creating a post, a new notifications tray, and additional community moderation features.

Users deep into the Google ecosystem may find themselves using these apps on a daily basis, so as always, it's nice to see Google keeping things up-to-date. You can download the updates from the source links below.