As Mobile World Congress 2013 swiftly approaches, the rumours have heated up. According to a report, Google will launch a new Nexus 10 tablet at the trade show in Barcelona.

Semi-conductor news publication Bright Side of News says the new Nexus 10 is set to go into production with a higher resolution than the third and fourth-generation iPad, at 2560 x 1600 resolution, or around 300ppi, which as we noted in our review, makes it beautifully detailed.

It is said to feature a quad-core processor (not specified), new 8-core Mali-T678 GPU, and 2GB of RAM - ideal specs to take on Apple's iPad - although we didn't have a problem with the performance of the current Nexus 10.

If a Mobile World Congress announcement does occur, it will be accompanied by plenty of other tablets from Samsung and others. However, Google I/O sounds more likely for Google's announcement.

No word on pricing or availability, but Pocket-lint will be hands-on at the trade show to bring you the latest from both the tablet and handset space.

In what may or may not be related news, the first-generation Nexus 10 is currently sold out on Google Play.