Google is often springing doodles on us these days, some interesting, some not so, but we couldn't fail to be impressed with today's effort, created to celebrate Frank Zamboni, the American inventor of the ice resurfacer.

Okay, he may not be a household name. And in the UK, resurfacing ice isn't anywhere near as important as melting it with a healthy dose of salt before somebody breaks their neck. But, what makes this particular Google doodle worthy of our attention is that it celebrates his birthday in the form of an 8-bit-style interactive game. A highly addictive one at that.

google doodle celebrates inventor of ice resurfacer with addictive 8 bit game image 2

The aim is simple: in the first few levels some pesky kids come on to skate around the ice, churning it up in the process. You then have to go on and clean up their trails using your trusty ice resurfacer. However, ice is slippy, so there's inertia to worry about, and you only have a limited amount of fuel before the machine stops and the game ends.

In later levels, you get ice hockey players and more obstacles, although bonus fuel is dropped - along with point-winning ice creams and banana skins that send your vehicle into a spin.

It's a simple game that's quick and easy to play (using the arrow keys on your keyboard). It doesn't work on a tablet or smartphone, sadly. If you do particularly well, you might even want to post your score on Google+ - an option that pops up at the end. We're pretty sure you'll be able to beat our meagre efforts.

google doodle celebrates inventor of ice resurfacer with addictive 8 bit game image 3

UPDATE: Although the Frank Zamboni Google doodle is no longer on the homepage of Google, you can still play the ice resurfacer game here.