Google has announced two Google Glass developer events in New York and San Francisco for developers who bought the company's $1,500 developer edition.

The events will be focused on giving them a chance to "have a device to use while on-site".

Dubbed the Google Glass Foundry events, they will allow developers to see what they can do with Google Glass Mirror API and have Google engineers on hand to assist with any questions. The API “gives you the ability to exchange data and interact with the user over REST”, according to Google.

Registration begins 18 January at 4pm and open spots are sure to go quick.

The Glass Foundry San Francisco event will be taking place 28 and 29 January at the Google SF office, and the Glass Foundry New York on 1 and 2 February at the Google NYC office.

Babak Parviz, head of the Google Glass project, said in an interview this month that a cloud-based API will also eventually be released so developers can integrate their Android apps into Google Glass. The Mirror API this month will be a good start.

What cool hacks do you think developers will put together?