Here's an interesting Friday bug for you to enjoy. If you ask Google Now, "What is a giraffe" it comes back with a surprising answer. Watch our video above, or try it for yourself -, as long as Google hasn't fixed it, you should get the same result as we did.

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The usual text about a giraffe starts well, but then strangely ends with the expression "he then praises the iPad".

There's an entire log dedicated to this on Google's tracker, in which people have tested the bug, trying similar questions to get Now to expose why it thinks we need to know about iPads when what we want to hear about is things with long necks.

It seems that the fragment comes via Google's translate service, and affects everything that uses Google's text-to-speech engine. The fragment of text seems to come from a page translated from French, but no one is quite sure how it's ended up spewing out over entries for giraffes.

You can see a list of the other terms affected, and the comments from bemused users who have noticed the problem, on the Google bug tracker.