Google has brought its answer to the Apple Newsstand to the UK... finally. Already a success in the States, Google Play Magazines allows you to buy individual copies of or subscribe to more than 100 British periodicals from a wide spectrum of subject matters.

Many of the biggest titles are available now, including GQ, Esquire, Wired, Vogue and many more. And you can try any of them free for 30 days, with the first payment of a subscription starting after that period is up.

There is a dedicated Google Play Magazines application now available to download, which will allow you to keep your digital magazines in order. It's free and takes no time to install, so head over to Google Play to get it now.

Back issues are available, as well as the latest editions, and prices are set by their respective publishers. A copy of GQ, for example, costs £2.99 individually. If you subscribe, this will go down to £2.49 per month, while a yearly subscription, if paid up front, is £23.99. Other mags may cost more or less.