Google is reported to be working on a content streaming technology to rival Apple's AirPlay. Having already integrated video and audio sending abilities to its YouTube app for Android - which will "send" a clip to your Google TV set or set-top-box - Google is to explore more extravagant wireless functionality.

Speaking to GigaOm, Google product manager Timbo Drayson said that the YouTube Google TV compatibility was simply the first step in company plans. "We really want to move the whole industry forward," he explained.

Drayson also explained that the software giant was working with device and audio equipment manufacturers in order to unify the Google system as an open standard. The company was "actively working with other companies", he said.

Of course, Android devices are already - on the whole - DLNA capable, which allows them to talk and stream content back and forth among similarly capable devices. However, it is believed many consumers still find this confusing and that a single platform would help them identify which of their devices can talk to each other through a single badge.

And, as Drayson pointed out, the more companies that jump on board, the better.