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(Pocket-lint) - Three out of every four smartphones shipped between July and September was an Android device, according to a new report.

IDC claims Google’s operating system now accounts for exactly 75 per cent of the smartphone market, with Apple’s iOS and the BlackBerry operating system placed second and third, with 14.9 and 4.3 per cent respectively.

According to IDC, 181.1 million smartphones were shipped in Q3 of this year, 136 million of which were Android-powered phones. 

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What’s even more remarkable is that the total number of Android handsets shipped in this last quarter exceeds the total number of all smartphones sold throughout all of 2007 – the year Android first arrived.

Of course Android does have an advantage, with its platform being used by multiple manufacturers, whereas iOS and BlackBerry are exclusive to their respective handsets. Yet these figures highlight just how big the Android juggernaut has become.

Though Apple’s iOS has continued to grow, it should see an even bigger rise in the final quarter of this year thanks to sales of the iPhone 5

However, it’s not looking quite as rosy for RIM. With no BlackBerry devices planned for the rest of this year – BlackBerry 10 is due to arrive early next year – expect to see its market share fall in Q4. 

Whether Microsoft - which currently finds itself in fifth place behind Symbian with just 3.6 per cent market share - can take advantage with its recently released Windows Phone 8 OS… well we wouldn’t bet against it.

Writing by Danny Brogan.