We're big fans of inventive Google doodles here on Pocket-lint and today's ticks all the right boxes. Not only is it animated and interactive, but it also celebrates the first publication of one of our most favourite comic strips of all time: Little Nemo in Slumberland.

The original strip by Winsor McCay features a six-year-old boy who falls into the world of his dreams and the adventures he has within. It ran from 15 October 1905 to 1914, first in the New York Herald and then the New York American newspapers and is available today in a number of collected editions.

little nemo google doodle becomes gorgeous animated comic strip image 2

Google's homage sees Little Nemo fall into the world of Google-Land and features an art-style that apes McCay's superbly. There's no audio, but you do get to progress through the story by clicking the small triangular ribbon situated to the bottom right of each collection of frames.

We thoroughly recommend you check out some of the original adventures of Little Nemo, and congratulate Google on recognising one of the greats in comic book history.