Gmail is set to be getting two new features in the next version of the app: Swipe to delete/ archive and Pinch to zoom.

It was leaked on Android fan site, which has managed to install the next update on its Galaxy Nexus running 4.1 to test out the new features.

The Swipe to archive/delete feature works just like a notification and will let you swipe away messages from your inbox at the flick of a finger.

"Gmail has made this feature nice and configurable; digging through the options will let you change your swipes to 'No effect' 'Archive or delete' or 'Always Delete.' The default, "Archive or delete," will archive swiped messages when you're in the inbox, delete swiped messages when you're in All Mail or Sent, and remove a label when you're in a label-only view," reports the site.

Pinch to zoom allows you to do just that in messages - handy if you want to look a little closer at an image.

Sadly it looks like Google still hasn't worked out how to get messages to fit the screen automatically.