ALK Technologies, the team behind the CoPilot apps, claims its navigation software now supports more than 250 different Android devices, making it one of the most wide-ranging mapping solutions available to download.

One of the reasons CoPilot has been able to reach this milestone is that the apps still work on older versions of Google’s Android operating systems, as far back as Froyo 2.2 through to the current Jelly Bean 4.1.

This means that devices as old as the T-Mobile G2 (remember that) and the HTC Desire can all download CoPilot from Google Play, while more recent devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (check out our brand spanking new review) and Google Nexus 7 are also compatible. 

CoPilot is available in two versions from Google Play. CoPilot Live Premium is a paid for app that includes full voice guidance, 3D mapping, live traffic reports and offline mapping.

However, CoPilot GPS is available for free and while not as capable as the paid-for app, still provides turn-by-turn navigation and like the Premium version the ability to store maps on board your phone so you can still find your way from A to Z even when offline.

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It's perhaps no surprise to see CoPilot making a noise about compatibility in its apps, following the launch of TomTom for Android, which is limited in the devices on which it will work.

CoPilot is also available to download on the iOS platform.