Google has released more footage snapped with it's Project Glass glasses, this time from the behind the scenes at the DVF runway during New York Fashion week.

While we've already seen what its like to jump out of an aircraft, the short film DVF Through Glas is a more stylised series of events from designer Diane von Furstenberg in the run up to the show and follows the Google Glass pictures from the catwalk we saw last week. 

Of course with no cameraman getting in the way, the film features lots of mirror shots, as well as scenes from the models walking down the catwalk.

While it looks appears the footage has been heavily post-production processed, it does give us a glimpse of what is possible and a chance to experience things that we would never have seen before, given the space for the camera.

Rather telling of a possible future, Von Furstenberg at one point looks at the camera and says: "I'm filming."

Google's Project Glass is expected to be available to developers in 2013, and to consumers brave enough to wear them, either later that year or early 2014.