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(Pocket-lint) - At the tail end of last year, Pocket-lint revealed what it looks like inside Google's Victoria office in London, where the engineering teams work (and play, it seems). However, very recently, the company has moved its sales and marketing staff into a new "Googleplex" in Central St Giles at the heart of London's West End, and it looks even more incredible.

We've been given a glimpse of what delights await employees each and every day, and while some might balk at the wild designs, few could deny that they'd love to work in a place like this.

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The interiors of the three floors occupied by Google were designed by architect firm Penson Group, which also crafted the Victoria office. The interior design and engineering company has worked with Playboy on new club concepts, Nokia and Orange too.

The office space measures no less than 160,000 sq ft and is based inside the brightly coloured Renzo Piano complex which, if you're even just passing by, is as subtle as being hit around the head by a pillow... full of cement.

Inside, while busy, is more serene - but no less brilliantly bonkers. There's an obligatory main reception room - adorned with Union Jack motifs and lit Google sign - and gynasium. There's a main cafeteria and, even, an area designated "Town Hall".

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The library is a big circular zone with a giant comfy sofa almost completely around it, for staff to chill and read. There are secret gardens on the balcony outdoors, with separate booths to allow for a modicum of privacy. And a vast amount of the materials used in its construction are reclaimed or recycled. It's as eco an office as they come.

Penson's founder Lee Penson says: "It’s all about human beings and that’s it! Think sunken snugs, comfort, fun, comfy slippers, squishy carpets, cushions, daybeds, nice fresh food, gardening, vegetables, health, visual stimulation, relaxation, exercise, fresh air and you’ll get what its all about as HQ."

We say: "Mr Pocket-lint, can we have the same please?"

Mr Pocket-lint says: "You've got a model Tardis on your desk that floats in the air, what more do you want?"

Pics: Penson Group

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Writing by Rik Henderson.