Google has introduced a cloud-based version of its Google Wallet app along with a number of improved security measures including remote disabling.

The US-based app, which enables in-store and online payments with your mobile phone, now supports all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, American Express and MasterCard. To add a new card, Google has made it as straightforward as entering the card details into the app, Google Wallet website or simply when making a purchase via Google Play. 

As all your cards' details will now be stored on Google servers instead of on the phone, it’s now possible to disable the mobile wallet, resetting it and clearing any of the cards’ details by visiting the online Google Wallet website.

Any purchases made via Google Wallet can continue to be viewed on your phone, helping you stay on top of your transactions. 

The Google Wallet app is still waiting to be officially rolled out in the UK, having initially been slated for a pre-Olympic arrival.

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