(Pocket-lint) - To celebrate the London 2012 Olympic Games, Google is creating a new Google Doodle for its search home page to highlight a different sport everyday.

The doodles started on Friday 27 July across all Google sites to celebrate the opening ceremony and since then have moved on to celebrate diving, archery, fencing and other Olympic sports.

Each doodle features at least one athlete using part of the logo in their sport, so a Google O becomes the target in Archery, for example.

We will be adding the newer Olympic Google Doodles as they are published, below.

Friday 27 July: Opening ceremony

Saturday 28 July: Archery

Sunday 29 July: Diving

Monday 30 July: Fencing

Tuesday 31 July: Gymnastics - rings

Wednesday 1 August: Hockey

Thursday 2 August: Table tennis

Friday 3 August: Shot put

Saturday 4 August: Pole vault

Sunday 5 August: Synchronised swimming

Monday 6 August: Javelin

Tuesday 7 August: Hurdles

Like the others, this Google Doodle celebrates a sport current being contested at the London 2012 Olympic Games. However, unlike the others, it's interactive, offering a button mashing game of the Track & Field or Daley Thompson's Decathlon ilk. Superb!

Wednesday 8 August: Basketball

Another interactive Google doodle on offer today, with a basketball game that plays much like a mini-game from an old NBA title. Hold the spacebar down for power and shoot hoops in a set time limit. We'll give you a warning on this one, it's as addictive as heck.

Thursday 9 August: Canoe Slalom

We can see a trend now. Today's interactive Google doodle puts you into a canoe and asks you to button bash through gates on your way to the finishing line. Don't forget to steer too, as missing gates will add penalties to your time.

Friday 10 August: Football (soccer)

Firstly, let us apologise for having to put the word "soccer" in the heading for today's Google doodle update. It's the dirty word that many others around the world call the game of football - the game we invented here in the British Isles where you kick a ball with your foot, hence "foot" "ball". It's not "Throw and then run with ball".

And, as if Google calling today's doodle "Soccer" wasn't bad enough, the commissioning crew has only gone and served up an interactive penalty shoot-out to represent our most beloved of sports. Don't they know that Team GB went out of the London 2012 Olympic Games ON PENALTIES? And that England went out of Euro 2012 ON PENALTIES? And the World Cup? And previous Euros? And other World Cups? And... [Fade to end]

Saturday 11 August: Rhythmic gymnastics

Sunday 12 August: Closing ceremony

Writing by Stuart Miles.