Google Maps on your Android device just got a little smarter, because you can now access indoor information for 40 locations around the UK.

Google has worked with a number of partners to create a detailed layout of places such as shops, airports and stations, enabling you to find that elusive Mulberry store in Stansted Airport. 

All you have to do is zoom in on the location you're interested in and more information will be revealed, giving you floorplans. You can also skip up and down floors using the level tabs at the side of the page.

Currently the list, includes major London stations and museums, as well as large stores like John Lewis and Selfridges.

Currently the list looks to be exclusively London venues and at first glance, it's a little light on major shopping centres - we'd like to see the Bentall Centre in Kingston or Harlequin Shopping Centre in Watford making an appearance. 

Still, it's a nice addition, available on Android 2.2 devices with Google Maps 6.0 and above.