Sergey Brin used the second day at  the Google I/O event in San Francisco to show off a new pair of Project Glass eyewear, this time a pair of shades.

Following day two of Google’s event, the audience was shown a live stream of Brin on the roof of the building as he ran, with both the live audience and the thousands watching online learning how Google had gone about coordinating the previous day's stunt which saw four skydivers jump out of a blimp wearing Project Glass eyewear.

sergey brin shows off google project glass sunglasses image 2

Indeed, the same stunt team was required to do it again as Brin stayed on the roof of the building. However, this was not before he displayed his new shades - well it is sunny in San Francisco. 

It’s unclear as to whether the lenses which clip on to the eyewear will also be available to pre-order for developers after Brin announced at day one of the Google I/O event that the glasses weren’t yet ready for consumers.

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