Google Docs now works offline, enabling multiple users to make amendments to documents saved locally before being updated when you go back to an internet connection. 

Multiple users will be able to edit the same document so long as it is saved in Google Drive, Google's cloud storage service. Google has even announced that Google Drive will now be compatible with Apple devices too, so someone could be working on the same document from Google Drive on a computer, while someone else could be making amendments to the same file via an iPad.

Any adjustments made to a doc while you have an internet connection will be made instantly, while any offline will automatically be synched once you regain a Wi-Fi or network connection without your needing to do anything.

Documents can be searched for by keywords, while photos can also be searched for using image recognition. For example, type in pyramid and Google Drive will pull up any files that match that description (eg, your photos from your trip to see the Egyptian pyramids).

google docs now works offline image 2

Google Drive will be available to the iOS platform from today after being announced at the Google I/O event in San Francisco.

Do you use Google Docs? What do you make of being able to work offline? Let us know below.