Google has updated its Google+ app to be optimised for tablets. Announced at Google I/O in San Francisco, the update enhances the G+ experience for users, conveniently timed with the launch of the company's latest Nexus device, the Nexus 7 tablet. 

Google+ (version 3) gives tablet users a better interface, giving a stream of content. It's really slick to navigate through, scrolling through content coming from your G+ circles. Hangouts and general visuals have all been improved.

The tweaks make Google+ feel more mature on a tablet, with Google saying that more people are using Google+ on mobile devices than they are on desktop, with some 250 million users. The updated app looks great on smartphones too, also updated.

Google+ Events will let you create events and invite friends, with calendar integration, but also gives you a Party Mode so you can add photos from the event into one stream, easy for every one to find.

Once the event is over, you can go back and relive the event through photos and comments arranged chronologically. Of course there is the typical YouTube video to demo, which you'll find below or your viewing pleasure.

The update is already available for Android users, with the iPad update expected shortly.